Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the chairs...

So it all started one day about two and half years ago when I was visiting Seaside, Florida and walked by a local interior shop. There sat two of these bad boys:

Needless to say I was in love from that moment but the price on the other hand was something WAY outside of my budget. I searched for a long time trying to find something that looked closed but nothing could beat these chairs. I had them pictured in my mind with a tiny table in between them in our den at our house in Birmingham. So this summer I came up an idea. Since we were moving I would sell the furniture we didn't need and buy these chairs. So that is exactly what I did. 

I love the take on a traditional wing back chair but a little more current day, and the skirt is so graceful. I love that it barely skims the floor.

There is not enough room in our apartment for them to be side by side with a cute table in between. Hopefully at our next house though. Or who knows maybe they will be in dining room as the Host and Hostess seats. 

It is the perfect chair to curl up in with a cup of hot chocolate and a book, or for Andrew it is the perfect chair to turn around and prop his legs up while he watches TV.

These chairs are from If you have not heard of them you should look at their website. They have beautiful furniture.

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